Elden Street Tea Shop: Herndon, VA

Hello Everyone! For today’s “Travel to Tea” adventure my husband and I went to Elden Street Tea Shop in Herndon, VA!

This tea location used to host Afternoon Tea by reservation. However, over the past year they switched to a tea shop where you can walk in for tea and bakery treats. They also host weekly and monthly events such as a knitting group.

They do have walk in Cream Tea available for parties under 5; which includes a pot of tea of your choice, a quiche, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and a scone with jam and cream. I’m sure the menu changes but that’s what was on the plate when we came… and it was all delicious!

It was a cozy laid back atmosphere, so we enjoyed ourselves. There was a moment when my husband came back from the bathroom and said, “Just go in there. You’ll see why it’s the best tea room bathroom you’ve ever been in”….

…I laughed out loud. If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you get it. And the fun part was that the tea shop was a stop on the way to us going to the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience.

It was a successful Tea-venture and one I would recommend if you just want a low key place to stop and have tea.

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