Nilgiri, India: 24 Days to Christmas 2022

Welcome to Countdown to Christmas 2022! It’s my fifth year doing a tea based countdown! 2018 I showcased my teacups with a different tea each day. 2019 I tried some of my friend’s and family’s favorite teas. 2020 I shared some of my favorite desserts to go with teas. Finally, last year in 2021, I created 25 days of a Christmas party through tea mixed with alcohol.

I look forward to doing this countdown every year. So much so, the last 2 years I’ve been slowly writing them. This year’s countdown is “Tea from Around the World” (surprisingly suggested by my husband). The goal is to drink teas that I or my family and friends have enjoyed while traveling.

What better tea to start with than one from India, which is one of the largest tea-exporting countries in the world.

A friend went to India and brought back a tea caddy, which held assam, nilgiri and Indian green teas.

I am having Nilgiri tea for the first time and am surprised how much I enjoy this black tea. It’s grown in the Nilgiri region of India and has a hint of a natural sweet taste. Great start to this countdown!

Since I’ll be slowly writing this countdown again, I think it’s fun to see my son grow. He is enjoying his swing he got for his first birthday.

1 thought on “Nilgiri, India: 24 Days to Christmas 2022

  1. India

    Good Morning, Because of its connection to you tea-topic, I wish to share that we have tile from, or related to, the Taj Mahal which Uncle Herb brought to us from Jessi and Matt’s trip with him to India. You might wish a photo of it when next you are here. Jim

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