Warsaw, Poland: 22 Days to Christmas 2022

Happy 22 days until Christmas! Today’s tea comes from Warsaw, Poland!

Warsaw, Poland. Photo courtesy of Katie L.

A coworker was sent to Poland and she was so awesome to bring us back some chocolates and tea. I dug into the chocolates while my tea was cooling and the result was glorious. The circle shaped one was a creamy brandy flavor of delight. And the rectangle chocolate was similar to Snickers but without the caramel.

Tea next! Wahoo! The Ceylon black tea has brewers fruit, rose, black currant, raspberries, chamomile, and orange.

The other is a Ceylon green tea with mint.

The black tea is a very subtle flavor with an slight orange after taste. The mint green tea is very good. It is just what it says, mint in green tea. This mint is a great flavor, so the tea is wonderful.

Enjoy your Saturday! I dunno about you, but it’s time for us to decorate 😁

Our awesome dude is approaching 2 years old, coming to the end of month 22.

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