Prague, Czech Republic: 21 Days to Christmas 2022

Happy Sunday and 21 days until Christmas!

Prague: photo courtesy of Laura S.

I am so thankful to have friends willing to share experiences and tea with me. I particularly enjoy going to Afternoon Tea with them.

My coworker’s parents went to Hungary and the Czech Republic. They shared tea they brought back from their trip. This rooibos tea is from the Gresik company in the Czech Republic.

This herbal rooibos tea has a good flavor. The packaging says it has a pleasant honey taste and I can see why they say that. Of course, some real honey would be a good addition to it as well. The directions say to steep it for 10 minutes. I was about 8 minutes shy of that, because it may have been too strong for me and I would of added the honey. Any who I’m so glad I got a little “taste” of the Czech Republic.

Happy Sunday and 3 weeks until Christmas!

My curly haired 23 month old

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