Granada, Spain: 20 Days to Christmas 2022

Happy 20 days until Christmas! Today we sail away to Granada, Spain! My husband and I went on a cruise that stopped here and we went on a tour to the Alhambra; an ancient palace.

I really enjoyed going there. It was a bit cold the day we were there. Which means my husband enjoyed being inside… with his bowl full of sausages.

Anyways, today’s tea is called Cuentos de la Alhambra. It’s a green and black tea with rose petals, hibiscus and oranges. I bought it at a tea shop that had their variety of teas in open baskets. I felt a bit more comfortable buying the prepackaged tea than the ones sitting out in the open.

This tea is a strange combination of flavors, but they seem to work. There is mostly an orange aftertaste. But a floral flavor in the middle.

It’s best to only steep this once. With hibiscus, the first steep is great but after that the color and flavor changes.

Celebrating birthday #2

Have a great Monday! Just think! Only 20 days until Christmas fun!

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