Madeira, Portugal: 13 Days to Christmas 2022

Happy 13 days to Christmas!

Banana trees everywhere!

Madeira is an island region of Portugal in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island was originally uninhibited until it was discovered by Portuguese sailors in the early 1400s.

It is known for their Madeira wine; which, in my opinion, is a thick dessert wine. I liked Poncha better!

Our experience in January was one of beautiful weather, blooming flowers, and banana trees in every growing foot of the island.

I particularly enjoyed standing on the overlook of the second highest seaside cliff in the world that had over a 1,500 foot drop. Part of the over look has a glass floor…will admit I didn’t spend much time standing on it.

Tea pot cover and white placemats purchased in Madeira, Portugal

And surprise! I found out Portugal actually does grow their own tea on the island of São Miguel! I bought two teas grown in the Gorreana tea plantation; bergamot and jasmine. Since I’ve found many bergamot teas from other countries, I want to talk about Chá Canto’s Chá Verde Jasmim tea.

The green tea is grown in São Miguel, Portugal on Gorreana’s Plantation and is mixed with Jasmine flowers from India. In particular, the green tea is produced from the terminal bud and first leaf of the plant in late July and early August. Mmm first leaf picked teas are my favorite. Which means this is a jolly good tea. It has a fresh, beautiful green tea flavor filled with jasmine. I’ve had a good number of jasmine aroma teas and have to say this one is just lovely. It’s not overpowering and does not leave a bitter aftertaste. It’s pleasant to drink and will leave your tongue dancing…you know, only if you enjoy floral teas.

Enjoying time with one of his favorite animals

Have a great Monday ya’ll!

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