Victoria, B. C. Canada: 12 Days to Christmas 2022

On my quest to find tea from around the world, I found out Canada actually has one company who grows tea; Westholme Tea Farm on Vancouver Island. My friend and I visited just below Westholme Tea Farm in Victoria. I wish I had known about this before we went on our trip! We could have done a tour. Recently they began offering a tea tasting workshop and Morrocan experience.

Butchart Gardens: Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

But let’s pause and talk about Victoria in British Colombia, Canada. It was beautiful! I highly recommend everyone visit the Butchart Gardens nearby. It’s 55 acres of beautiful floral and stunning greenery arrangements.

The Empress: Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria B.C. is a nice walkable area. Good to visit for about one day. There were stores and places to eat with some gorgeous architecture along the way.

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia: Victoria B.C.

Yay Canada! Side note: we took timed photos in front of this building for about an hour doing silly poses. We started getting an audience and requests for us to take pictures of others. I guess we looked like trustful people after the wacky things we were doing.

Anywho, let’s move on to the tea. It was pretty difficult to get my hands on the Canadian grown tea from this company. They sell out each year because it’s very limited. But! After 5 months of stalking their website, I finally saw the Spring Harvest pre-sale and received the “Tree Frog Green” tea almost 2 months later.

Write up that is attached to the tea

The Tree Frog Green tea is a very light and smooth tea. It does have a slight grassy after taste but tastes good on its own. No additives needed. I was pleasantly surprised how good this tea tastes.

Playing in snow at 2 years and 4 months

I hope you have a great Tuesday and twelfth day before Christmas.

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