Casablanca, Morocco: 9 Days to Christmas 2022

Welcome to single digits! Christmas is in 9 days! Time to see a little of Morocco!

We began our visit to Casablanca with the sunrise at the Hassan II Mosque. It was breathtaking. We were the first visitors there for the day. It was practically empty, and the beautiful mosaics were waiting for our close inspection.

After the Mosque, we went deeper into history at a Phonecian village archeological site. This location is where history nerd Erica appeared. I loved it!

My husband loved the cats…

We walked around to other places and shopped in a couple stores. I will tell you that is not an experience I would like to repeat. The sellers were pushy and wanted to haggle, but in the end they accepted my offer on the brass and camel bone miniature tea pot i purchased.

One of our favorite stops was at a traditional Morrocan restaurant. In Moroccan culture, tea is considered a symbol of sharing, hospitality, and respect. I was very happy to indulge in some warm mint tea.

A top tea company in Morocco is Sultan, which began in the 1930s. I bought the Grain Ambar green tea (aka pearls) to try and it is delightful for a plain green tea. Even better if you add mint for a traditional Morrocan mint tea.

The flavor is very slightly sweet with a woodsy ending. If you steep it too long the flavor becomes more woodsy and slightly bitter. As you can see from the photo below, they are full tea leaves and are fresh. So if you need a good green tea, Morocco has it!

We ended our visit to Morocco by stopping outside the “Casablanca” (1942 film) inspired “Rick’s Cafe”. So without further ado, “Here’s looking at you kid.”

The awesome 2 year 3+ month old

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