Reykjavik, Iceland: 10 Days to Christmas 2022

Happy 10 days to Christmas! Today we are landing in Iceland!

A giant puffin is just the welcome I needed.

Unfortunately, we did not get to spend too much time in Iceland. We missed out on soaking in the hot springs and exploring the Golden Circle. But we did walk around Reykjavik and learned they have a huge love for Chuck Norris…

…so I decided we could be friends. I will say that Iceland is very expensive. When we went, we stayed in KEX Hostel Reykjavik which overlooked the water. At the Hostel you can purchase breakfast and other meals. We did this mainly because it was cheaper than going out. A burger, fries and beer for 2 cost over $60.

Anywho, the scenery we did see was beautiful. As you can tell there was a bit a wind. I hope to go back to Iceland one day and see more of its magnificent natural countryside.

Moving on to Icelandic Herbal Tea. This tea is made from Iceland moss, birch, and angelica grown in the pure environment of Iceland. These ingredients are helpful for the respiratory, digestive, and liver systems. It’s useful as a diuretic too. My favorite sentence on the packaging is “Promotes energy and stimulates circulation in the pelvic region.” Stand aside Viagra! We’ve got tea to help with that!

All jokes aside. This is a smooth herbal tea, which almost takes on a green tea flavor.

Enjoying the snow with Dada at 2 years and 3 months old.

Happy Thursday and I hope you have a great day!

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