St.Paul, France: 4 Days to Christmas 2022

Ooooo ya’ll were almost there! Just gotta get over the Wednesday Hump and zoom into the Christmas weekend!

Nice, France

Today’s fun filled adventure starts in Nice, France! Admittedly, this has been my only stop to France so far and I learned you should start every conversation with “Bonjour” or else face being shunned.

View in St.Paul, France

Outside of that, we had a stunning visit to one of the oldest medieval towns of the French Riviera; Saint Paul de Vence, France.

St.Paul, France

The streets were picturesque and filled with small museums and artist shops. We enjoyed our time in the medieval town and found lovely locations for photos.

St.Paul, France

Less enjoyable were all the stairs in the street. Definitely not a handicap accessible spot, but if you can go to Saint Paul de Vence I highly recommend it in order to get a small town experience. (P.S. the medieval/ historic part won me)

Now on to tea! I’ve had over 6 different flavors of tea from Dammann Frères and have to say, I usually enjoy the flavor. They are based in France and seem to have very good teas. Today’s tea is called Myrtille Châtaigne. It is considered by the company to be a “A fine gourmet black tea mingling in a deliciously fruity attack, the fine woody notes of a black teas blend, to the refreshing ones of blueberries. A rich and velvety infusion then revealing warm notes of chestnut to offer a gourmet long finish.”

My goats taking refuge from the snow storm in the chicken coop

I taste the Blueberry for sure. But the Chestnut and Maple syrup flavor doesn’t kick in until later steeps. So my first cup was Blueberry. Second was Blueberry, chestnut and Maple syrup.

Holding one day old chick’s on Mommy’s birthday

Happy Tea-ventures ya’ll!

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