Alaska, USA: 3 Days to Christmas 2022

Oooooo we are almost to Christmas ya’ll! Only 3 more days!

Today we’re drinking tea from Alaska! My parents finally went on their Disney cruise to Alaska. It was scheduled for 2020 but the pandemic hit and it was postponed.

Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

During their cruise we received a lot of beautiful scenery photos and some super cute Disney themed photos as well.

Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

We also enjoyed hearing about their excursions, particularly with the crew that is on the television show Deadliest Catch.

My family has a cruise to Alaska reserved for 2024 and I cannot wait to go explore!

On to tea! My parents brought me back wild blueberry and wild raspberry herbal teas.

The blueberry tea suggests a pinch of honey added to bring out the blueberry flavor. Let me tell you, it really does taste good. I didn’t realize their is chamomile added in, so I napped before trying the raspberry tea. Which also has a beautiful flavor.

Enjoying time with Gamma and Dadoo

Wishing you a great few days before Christmas!

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