Don’t Stress! It’s not all about Resolutions!

The last two weekends we’ve been unsuccessful at staying home. They started off with no plans whatsoever. So I was looking forward to a bit of “Do whatever you want” (lies… what the kid wants).

That didn’t happen and I’m not too upset about it.

We rang in the New Year together because the kiddo was a wee sick around midnight.

We had meals at the in laws and reserved our flights to go to Sicily this summer. Wahoo!

We went to the farm to get free, already split wood (yaaaassss). And we ate there too.

The theme really seems to be food because the little guy asked to go to a restaurant as well.

Then we did crafts and were invited to a cousins to eat some more!

So why am I writing a post about this? Because in the New Year, you stress yourself out about being a better person, eating better, working out, and cleaning the house (though I will admit I need to hire some kind of house elf to get that done). But you don’t realize sometimes you need to live in the moment, do that spontaneous thing, and spend time with the people you love.

Did I miss a work out? Well not really because I consider hauling two truckloads of wood a workout. But I did allow memories to be made for the people I was with. And that should be the real New Year’s Resolution.

1 thought on “Don’t Stress! It’s not all about Resolutions!

  1. Being in the moment is a great resolution in itself! Oh, and I carry and stack firewood too…definitely a workout!

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