New Year and Happiness!

Happy 2023!

Last year I made it a goal to go on a different tea adventure once a month. It was great! And I learned of so many Tea Rooms and Events throughout Maryland and Virginia.

This year I’ve decided to make it a goal to have a post each month about personal happiness.

Self health is very important. So I hope these posts allow you to focus on yourself and help you take steps towards happiness.

For the month of January, I encourage you to find three things to look forward to throughout the year. Whether big or small, as long as they make you happy, they count.

I have a serious travel itch happening, so here are 3 things I’m really looking forward to:

1.) Taking the kiddo on a steam engine train ride in the spring.

2.) Going on a large family trip to Sicily in the summer (finally!).

3.) Staying with my family on a pirate ship for a couple nights in the fall.

So figure out something to look forward to this year and make it a Happy, Happy, Happy year 😊

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