Bridal Tea Shower

The last post I did about my personal history with tea was when my now husband took me on a tea date during our engagement weekend. This story picks up where that left off.

At this point in 2015, I knew I enjoyed tea but I didn’t realize how much. However, it must have shown because my best friend and family decided my bridal shower would be tea and Winnie the Pooh themed. They knew me better than I knew myself! Kudos to you ladies! I walk in and the tables are decorated with floral arrangements in teapots and hand drawn (by my talented sister) Winnie the Pooh sketches.

I loved it!! Elegant and old fashion feel with tea and my favorite cartoon character. There was so many “best parts” of this bridal shower, but I absolutely loved that the favors were a matching teacup and saucer set for the guests. It was so fun to see everyone pick out their favorite designs to take home.

To top it all off was the cake. Look at that beautiful cake topper!

These ladies went out of their way to make my Bridal Shower unique, wonderful, and special to me.

2 thoughts on “Bridal Tea Shower

  1. I was not able to make it but my Mother picked me out a tea cup. I still have it and use it when I want to feel refined and glamorous.šŸ˜‰

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