Spiced Pear Green Tea

So far this is my favorite tea I’ve mixed together.  Which isn’t saying much, since I have only made 3!  But that’s okay, I am really excited how well this tea came out.  My problem so far has been getting the correct measurements for only one batch of tea, but I think I got it figured out this go round.  

1 tsp green tea

1 tsp dried pear

1 single clove

1/4 inch worth of a cinnamon stick

As I mentioned, it was a nice blend.  No part of the tea overpowered another.  However, I’ve noticed this with fruity teas in the past and definitely realize it now; for fruity teas you should just brew a teapot full from the get go.  I usually enjoy reusing my tea for multiple cups.  Waste not!  But fruity teas taste different each time you add more hot water, so it’s best to make a big pot full to keep the same delicious fruity flavor for each cup you have.  

I had Rory smell test this spicy pear green tea.

Well she was not amused and assumed this position until I went away.

C’est la vie ~sigh~  Rory has reminded me that not everyone likes the same flavors.  Which is why I can’t wait to try out more!

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