English Rose Loose Leaf Tea

Previously I told you about my husband and my’s vacation to England in 2017.You knew I was going to tell you more! I couldn’t leave England without buying any tea! During this first visit to England, I wasn’t as into tea, as I seem to be now. But we did fall across a tea store (which I’ve since forgotten its name). I found one of my favorite teas I’ve ever had. The brand is Whittard Chelsea 1886 and the flavor is English Rose loose lead tea #12.

Not only is it a beautiful blend of English Rose petals. It has other aromatic flower flavors with a Chinese black tea. It smells wonderful and can be enjoyed alone without pairing with food. When drinking this, I immediately relax, think of warmer weather and may occasionally remember the time when I visited the queen’s rose garden at Buckingham Palace. If you enjoy floral tea flavors, I highly recommend trying this lovely tea.

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