Cafe Dumond, New Orleans

If you’re heading to New Orleans, you’ll be told “You have to try the beignets!” The main two places to go are Cafe Dumond and Cafe Beignet. We went to Cafe Dumond.

The best advice I have for you is to go on a weekday, not a weekend. You’ll be in line for quite a while on the weekend, and maybe during the weekday too. Also important to know is that you seat yourself. If you see a table open grab it! Even if it’s got the previous guests dirty dishes, sit down. The waiter will clean it as soon as they are able to come take your order. Finally, the most important advice, CASH ONLY! They take your cash the moment you order (before they put in your order) and give you change on the spot. No other form of payment is accepted. I saw a couple leave because they found out it’s cash and didn’t have any.

In general, fresh beignets are really delicious. They taste a lot like funnel cakes. My friend got the coffee and said it was surprisingly good. Cafe Dumond is not a place you stay for too long. You eat your food and go. It does not feel like a place you can hang out and chat for hours, because there’s always a line of people waiting to get in. Before we left there were some street jazz musicians that set up beside Cafe Dumond, but we left right as they started playing.

Overall, I was very happy we went. It was a yummy and delicious stop.

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