Abigail’s Tea Room, Boston MA

Yes! It is possible to taste a bit of history! At the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, you can choose to go on a tour of the museum and renovated Boston Tea Party Ships or just go to Abigail’s Tea Room.

My husband and I only went to the tea room, where we were pleasantly surprised. Employees dressed in Revolutionary War period clothing.

To order, you go to the counter and choose if you want a sandwich, scones, cookies, etc. And if you want a special tea that was blended just for Abigail’s tea room or try a bunch of different teas.

We choose the tea taste test and boy was it fun!

All 5 teas we tried are the 5 that were thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party. There were 3 black and 2 green teas. Each tea had a sign telling where it came from and a fun fact relating to being thrown overboard. My favorite was the green tea that missed it’s debut in America because the very first shipment was thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party.

My husband had a chicken salad sandwich and I had a Cheese Rosemary scone which were yummy. We both enjoyed our time at Abigail’s Tea Room and had a beautiful view over the water.

To me it was really cool to taste teas that were lost in the Boston Harbor. It was a neat and different historical experience than I’ve ever had before.

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