Used Teabags

Hello Everyone! Sorry for my “summer break”; we’ve been busy over here!

I want to talk about what to do with your teabags after you’ve finished seeping them for tea. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to throw away things until they are no longer useful. Up until today I usually seep my tea until I practically only have flavored water left. However, I went to a “Get Ready to be a Mommy!” course this morning and learned something I have never thought of before.

You can use your used tea bags! (Maybe with a little more life left in them than seeping it to flavored water). My course instructor said that wet tea bags could be put on cracked nipples for nursing mothers to help heal them. Now I know we are not all preparing to be a nursing mother, but it got me thinking, “What else can I use tea bags for?”

1.) Rehydrating dry skin

2.) Reduce circles under your eyes

3.) Soothe a Sunburn

4.) Take a relaxing bath

5.) Treat rashes and bug bites

6.) Steam your pores

7.) Dissolve Greasy Mess by putting a tea bag in hot water with the grease overnight

8.) Create a firestarter for campfires

These are just a few of many used tea bag benefits you can explore. Who knew the healing power of tea goes beyond drinking it!

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1 thought on “Used Teabags

  1. My dear sister in law… who new the wonders of a tea bag. I’m like you I am a firm believer I can get 2 or 3 cups of tea out of 1 tea bag🙂.

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