Monks of Montserrat

In January my husband and I took a wonderful cruise, but decided to take a spontaneous trip to Montserrat, Spain at the end. Best decision we could have made! It was beautiful! Montserrat is on a mountaintop and is known as a monastery, with a world renowned boys choir. We visited the chapel and walked around to little hiking areas, with the reward of hearing the organ and bells of the mass reverberating off the mountainsides. It was a magical moment.

When we visited the gift shops we found out that the monks do a lot of gardening and sell what they have made such as wine, chocolate, cookies, and tea. Of course I had to purchase some tea. With how much I had already bought on this trip, I was limiting myself to one tea purchase. It was hard to decide! All of their teas were helpful in a digestive, uplifting, and healthy way. Ultimately, I decided to buy the one whose name translates to “Montserrat Land”. I had never heard of or had red tea at this point, so that’s how I made my decision. It has Pu Erh red tea, cinnamon, lemon peels and aroma. As I’m drinking it this morning, I am reminded of how delicious it is and of my wonderful visit to Montserrat.

A fun side note. This year we were given my husband’s late Grossi’s tea cups with dessert plates. Very helpful if you want to have a treat while you are drinking your tea.

2 thoughts on “Monks of Montserrat

  1. I recognized the cup and plate before I read your post. Nice to see you use it.

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