Can tea heal minor burns?

Well everyone, I have fond memories of when my husband and I were just friends and he watched me fail at cooking every time he came to my house. Either I would create a messy dish, burn the dish, or somehow burn myself. I have gotten better since we’ve been married, with a few minor exceptions. However, today, 17 year old Erica reappeared. Call it pregnancy brain or just klutzy Erica, but I did a big one today.

When taking macaroni and cheese out of the microwave after 8 minutes, it tipped out of my hands. Obviously I had to save it, so one hand ended up inside the scolding hot mac n cheese, splattering hot cheese all over my other hand and arm. Good news, the food was saved! Once I saw it was in a safe place I rushed to the sink and ran cool water over my hands for ten minutes. The only remedy I had at the time was Neosporin for burns. As I sit here 7 hours later with my blisters and aching shoulder (not sure how that happened), I wonder “Can tea help with minor burns?”

The Google says “Yes it can!” For minor burns, after you’ve run cool water over your burns for 10-20 minutes, placing cool wet tea bags on the burned spots can help it heal and cool within 5 minutes. I also found out that cool fresh black tea can be put on a cloth and placed over minor sunburn for up to 30 minutes to heal and lessen sunburn the day you have gotten it. So if you can’t find the Aloe Vera, but have tea, you’ve got an alternative! Who would have thought?!

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