Tazo Tea

Recently I have relied heavily on the Zen Tazo green tea. Why? Other than being delightful, it has been very helpful to relieve an upset stomach or headache without having too much caffeine. This green tea has verbena, spearmint and lemongrass flavors. Together these flavors are a power house of delicious, with a side of herbal remedy.

Tazo tea has a large variety of flavors found in tea bags, k-cup pods, bottles and liquid concentrates. So far I like all Tazo teas I have tried such as Chai, Glazed Lemon Loaf, Zen, Passion, Refresh Mint, and Wild Sweet Orange. It can be found in most convenience stores, especially Target. Starbucks also uses Tazo in their Teavana line. My favorite Starbucks tea is Chai Tea Latte. Which you can recreate in the comfort of your own home using the Tazo Chai concentrate and steam or froth your milk. This can also lead to many fun times with friends…

So if you need a quick and easy tea bag to grab, Tazo is one of my favorite brands to go to.

1 thought on “Tazo Tea

  1. I love the zen tea so much! A close second is the Tazo Chai. It’s so good with honey and almond milk

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