Changing Tea Buds #teatogethertuesday

Today’s tea together Tuesday question is, Which tea did I not like when I first tried it, but like now? Okay the initial question says “but love now” and I think that’s too strong of a feeling towards the tea I’ve chosen.

But first I’m going to brainstorm on the teas I haven’t liked. Any smoked teas, no thank you.

I don’t think I’ll ever like them. Pomegranate teas… Okay, just add a bit of sugar or eat some chocolate with it and it’s fine. And Earl grey tea. It’s to the point that I can drink it and it’s fine enough. Just not my go to tea.

To answer the question, I used to hate chamomile tea but for last year’s Countdown to Christmas of drinking my friend’s and family’s favorite teas, I was given 4 different flavored chamomile teas and they changed my mind. Chamomile mixed with light cinnamon, honey or lavender really wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t say I love chamomile, but I definitely like it more.

So go try a tea that you used to hate with someone else to see if your tea buds have changed on this tea together Tuesday.

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