A Very Quarantine Birthday #TeaTogetherTuesday

Happy birthday to me! I’ve had wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family today ♥️ I also broke quarantine rules to have breakfast with my great aunt. And a tea party with awesome coworkers. My best buddy has also given me a lot of hugs, kisses and giggles. So overall a win!

Today’s tea together Tuesday topic is “A tea/tisane that brings you happy memories and make you smile”. I’m going to cheat and borrow this memory from one of my first blog posts. My entire childhood was full of Lipton black tea and will forever bring me wonderful memories and plentiful smiles.

I can remember spending hot sunny summer days on the family farm and going into my Mom or Grandma’s house for dinner seeing the 3 Lipton tea bags boiling in a saucepan on the stove.  My sisters and I were asked to fill the glasses with ice.  Of course the ice had to be filled to the brim because the boiling hot tea was about to be poured directly in it (with a little cool water added in).  Mom was smart.  She poured the tea from the saucepan into a Tupperware pitcher.  I don’t know how Grandma did it without spilling, but she somehow poured the tea directly from the saucepan into the glasses.

At my other Grandma’s house, I never got to see her make it, but she would always have two old plastic juice or tea containers, with one full of sweet and one unsweetened Lipton tea. In the summer, after it got dark and we had our tea, my sisters and I would take a jar outside to catch and release “Lightening Bugs”.

These are my happy tea memories and I only hope that I can bring a smile to my son’s face when he is making memories as well.

1 thought on “A Very Quarantine Birthday #TeaTogetherTuesday

  1. Happy Birthday, Erica! I always love reading your posts and seeing your photos.
    Love You Guys,
    Aunt Mary

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