World Photography Day: Tea Edition

Happy World Photography Day!! What a perfect day to share about a photo contest I participated in recently. Butterflies & Wishes Tea & Sweets is a tea room and cafe in Maryland. To begin, they have been wonderful to follow on Facebook during this COVID-19 quarantine! The owner does a themed 3 pm tea time Monday-Friday. But the most fun of all, was the July photo contest she hosted! For 31 days, I participated in a daily photo challenge that had different themes related to tea. Some examples are:

Tea and card

What do you know?! I won! I’m way too excited! I had so much fun participating! Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be picking up the prize and enjoying tea time from Butterflies & Wishes Tea & Sweets. Look out for my blog sharing my experience!

Have a great day and pull out your cameras! 😉

1 thought on “World Photography Day: Tea Edition

  1. Again, many congratulations. Moore soon😳

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