Gypsy Rose: Magic Hour

I wasn’t planning to tell you about this tea because it’s not particularly my favorite. But I thought you would enjoy a laugh.

When I went to London a couple of years ago I bought English Rose tea from Whittard of Chelsea and absolutely love it. After someone suggested Magic Hour tea to me, I saw they have a rose tea and decided to try it out.

I opened the tea bag and was immediately turned off. The scent was strong and reminded me of potpourri. But I brewed it anyway.

Yep, the brewed tea was still strong. So I let it breathe for a few minutes before I braved all odds and drank it. It’s rose all right!

Alright, I experiment. What would happen if I didn’t smell the strong rose scent? So I plug my nose shut, take a drink, only taste dull black tea and before I swallow it, I opened my nose and tasted the rose. Okay… Let’s try this again…

I plug my nose, take a drink, and by golly that tea came up my nose the back way! Spitting, sputtering, and coughing, I get myself under control. I can confirm that as much as I did not enjoy this tea, I liked it better going down my throat than up my nose.

Rest assured, this was not a happy tea-venture 😒

1 thought on “Gypsy Rose: Magic Hour

  1. A hoot! …making lovely blooms of rose tea😏..

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