Momma’s Gone “Wild” Part 2: The Tea Cart

What was the purpose of this getaway? Ladies weekend of course! And taking a wee break from Mommahood. Nothing screams “break!” like a week with a sick baby and sleep deprived Mommy.

So, cheers to mimosas at The Tea Cart in Berryville, VA!

We walked in and I was immediately impressed. It looked and felt clean, and the waitresses were in cute maid uniforms which made me think of Downton Abbey. How fitting that I looked around and saw a Downton Abbey poster on the wall.

We chose our tea first, and thought it was fun to see these hour glasses to time out brewing the tea for 3, 4 and 5 minutes. Great for your first cup of tea. But since the tea leaves are steeping the whole time you’re there, each tea cup gets stronger.

I chose a Jasmine Mint White tea and was very surprised how good it tasted. I’ve never had the flavor before and was impressed. My friend got a strawberry oolong tea and we were again pleasantly surprised at its flavor. It had a delicious strawberry taste. But the longer it steeped, the more the flavor went away. We were told we could get a different flavor for free, so I couldn’t pass that up! I tried their Lemon Drop tea and thought it yummy also.

When we made our reservations we had to place our food order as well. I got the afternoon tea option, while my friend got the high tea (adds soup and savory to the afternoon tea foods). We really liked the fresh scone. It was plain but had confectioners sugar sprinkled on top. Add Devonshire cream and strawberry jam….ohmuhgeeeerd.

The only down fall of this experience was we were seated by the hot outside door. After my second cup of tea I was sweating. It was so bad I left a bum imprint on my seat when I left. Whoops! Hope no one else came in after us!

Overall, I’d recommend a trip to this tea room. The food and tea were great and the atmosphere was charming.

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