Momma’s Gone “Wild” Part 4: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

Can you believe one day of being away can be put into four parts?! What a busy, amazing day!

We got reservations for Magnolias at the Mill in Purcellville, VA at 8:15pm. But we got there about 5:55 just to walk around the town. Welp… all the stores were closed and the only things still open were an ice cream store and distillery. Guess what we chose…

We decided to try their red, white and blue cocktail flight. Red was a strawberry with Rye whiskey thing, white was coconut something or other with Rye whiskey, and blue was gin with who knows. Yep, we were drinking and didn’t care what.

We talked to the bar man for quite a while and decided to get this delicious Rye whiskey drink they called “Free Britney”. You’ve got it…Britney Spears. Well congrats girl, you got an awesome drink named after you!

The distillery closed but the skies opened up. The distillery crew were clearly awesome people because they gave us a second Free Britney drink for free while we waited out the storm inside. Wahoo! Trying not to over extend our welcome, we left once the rain slowed.

After a while we ate at Magnolias at the Mill. My bison burger was superb! But by 8:30 my body was done πŸ˜… Momma is not used to all this fun! I just shut down and accidently signed my check with my maiden name (I’ve been married 6 years). As my husband joked with me; “You’re gone for less than 24 hours and you already forget about us!”

I’ll never forget y’all…. but I will plan to do this again next year! πŸ˜‰

1 thought on “Momma’s Gone “Wild” Part 4: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

  1. Erica my dear sister-in-law, I have witnessed you tired before and you are a funny one. Oh the things you say have us laughing. Welcome home Mrs. MooreπŸ˜‡

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