Alice’s Farmhouse Soap

This year I’ve been leaning more towards buying from small businesses when I can. We’re still in a pandemic, so they need all the help they can get. Today I want to highlight soap from Alice’s Farmhouse in Denver, Colorado.

Currently in her Etsy shop are 8 different soaps. The Old Fashion Lard Lye soap I’ve used to get spots out of clothes before washing. The Gentle Hand Soap I keep in a dish in my guest bathroom since it really is gentle on your hands. The Rosemary Cedarwood stays in my shower for those days we’re extra grimy and need something exfoliating to get it off. I haven’t gotten to my clove honey or sweet honey lavender soap yet but can tell you they smell great and are made from the honey bees the owner takes care of.

But let’s focus on the Spearmint Green Tea for a moment. Y’all, it’s amazing! Not only is it great for your skin, but the fresh spearmint smell lasts the entire time you use the soap. I love jumping in the shower to use it.

Courtesy of Alice’s Farmhouse Facebook page

The only issue I’ve found so far is with the Etsy website. When you try to purchase multiple types of soap, Etsy charges a crazy amount for shipping. Do not let that deter you! Alice usually refunds you the shipping money she does not need after she ships your purchase. So go check out Alice’s Farmhouse on Facebook and Etsy. She’s a wonderful lady and makes healthy and happy for your skin soaps ❤

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  1. You ought to post this review on face book. Alice’s Farmhouse might appreciate it.

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