200th Blog Post (plus one)

Happy Sunday y’all!

I’m just excited to tell you my last post was number 200! This is 201 😱

Who would have thought that an advent tea calender for Christmas on Facebook a couple of years ago would lead to blogging about tea?!

I’ve loved every minute of virtually attending a couple of different “tea schools”, adventuring to new tea rooms, and tasting new teas. I can only hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all my fun and are taking time out for your own Tea-ventures as well.

Oh… and during this time I’ve moved, had a kid and taken my animal count up to 17. Whoops! I’d say it’s pandemic buying but apparently I’m a mini farmer at heart 😊

Sending love your way and hope you have time for a bit of tea 😊

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1 thought on “200th Blog Post (plus one)

  1. You are welcome.πŸ™ƒ


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