Greece: 2 Days to Christmas 2022

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Wahoo! 2 more days!

Today’s traveling focus is Greece! Which I will hopefully go to one day. A friend of ours is from Greece and he loves the cafes that are right by the water, especially in the small villages, where you never feel rushed. You could sit for hours and then have trouble flagging down the waiter to give you the bill because everyone is so relaxed.

Acropolis and Mount Olympus photos courtesy of Katie L.

Greece is also known for its tavernas, fresh seafood, music (especially the bazooki instrument) and dancing.

Acropolis and Mount Olympus photos courtesy of Katie L.

A friend told me “One of my favorite things about Athens is there are cats everywhere. We had the cutest little kitten hanging out at our table during dinner one night, and we fed him fish. The residents also put out cat food for all the strays.”

I was gifted herbal tea from Greece called Sideritis. It’s also known as ironwort, mountain tea, or shepherd’s tea and is a genus of flowering plants known for their use as herbal medicine/ herbal tea. This particular tea is a beautiful herbal tea with a smooth earthy flavor that can also taste similar to green tea.

3 years old and celebrating his Nonna and Grandpa’s 50th Anniversary!

Enjoy your 2 days until Christmas and start cooking all those Christmas goodies. Yum!

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