London, England: 1 Day to Christmas 2022

Once Upon a Time, a lady took her dream vacation to England. And that lady was me.

To the delights of all involved, we traveled past 7 crows, through the Tower of London, and to the Crown Jewels with the aid of a Warden.

We walked in the queens hallways and roamed her gardens, full of beautiful roses.

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers: The Making of Harry Potter

“Flying” quickly into the world of Harry Potter, we saw Hogwarts castle and tried to explore the Chamber of Secrets…

But couldn’t get in.

Taking a detour, we took a chance of cleaning up at the Roman Baths but went to the spa instead. Before relaxing in the spa, we enjoyed Afternoon Tea at the Pump Room and encourage all to go.

We sailed on the Thames and enjoyed a relaxing time along the river. The End.

Just kidding! We bought this beautiful teapot and mug with some awesome tea while we were in London. My favorite being Whittard Chelsea’s English Rose black tea. The description says its a flavored black tea with a “rich, sweet blend scattered with rose petals”. It’s a lovely flavor since the rose is not overwhelming.

Merry Christmas Eve! May your Santa sightings be as exciting as my boy’s at 25 months old.

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