Charleston, South Carolina (USA): Merry Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wish you a very happy day with loved ones. I hope you have enjoyed my year of the “Travel to Tea” blog series. I thank my family and friends who have shared tea with me from their travels. Also, all who have joined me throughout the year to try new tea rooms, events, and experiences. It really has been a fun tea year. There’s so many new places I’d like to explore, including today’s tea from around the world.

Photo courtesy of Kaleigh S.

Today we’re coming back to the USA for the largest tea Plantation in the Continental US. A friend of mine traveled to Charleston, South Carolina USA and toured the Charleston Tea Plantation. This Plantation is responsible for the Bigelow brand of tea. It is the only tea Plantation in America where you can view thousands of tea bushes over many acres of land.

Photo courtesy of Kaleigh S.

My friend shared Plantation Peach Tea with me, which is a beautiful flavor of southern peaches in black tea. It’s not bitter and I wouldn’t say it’s sweet either. Just a lovely peach flavor.

I finally got a Christmas tea cup set!

She also shared 5 other flavors with me as well. They all tasted like your average black, green, Earl Grey, and Breakfast teas. I’d put the peach and raspberry teas at the top of the list out of the 6.

How ever you are spending today, I hope it is full of love and laughter. Thank you for joining this journey with me. Have a wonderful Christmas day everyone 😊

Enjoying time with his great great aunt at 3 years old.

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